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About Paula

Paula is a leading expert in global consumption, consumer behaviour and product interaction. Founder of agency TheOverworld she has over 15 years of experience travelling the world researching people’s everyday lives and uncovering insights envisioning products, brands and services for the likes of Google Creative Lab, Starbucks, McKinsey, R/GA and LG. 

Her book “Every Thing We Touch: A 24hours Inventory of our Lives”  is an artistic portrayal of the daily physical footprint of over 60 unique individuals from around the world.

Former Director of Futures and Head of Research of Seymourpowell – for twelve years- she has created and developed their renowned ethnographic research offer that pioneered the field of design research.

The Talk

Everything We Touch

Archaeologically found artefacts have taught us everything we know about past civilisations. They reveal how societies lived, worked, played, cooked and expressed themselves. Will ours do the same? What are the stories these tell?

Every Thing We Touch is a project and quest by Paula Zuccotti to capture our footprint today. She travelled the world photographing the everyday objects of friends and strangers creating individual portraits told through a single large-scale photograph of every single item a person touches in a day, in chronological order from dawn to dusk.

Paula is an artist but also a world-leading consultant in trends forecasting, consumer research, ethnography, strategy and a trained Industrial designer. Therefore as she presents her photographs, she reveals insights about our material culture and daily life that are applicable across industries from fashion to beauty to tech.

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