Sustainability Lead Siemens Digital Industries Software

About Pina

Pina Schlombs leads the Sustainability Horizontal at Siemens Digital Industries Software creating solutions that enable companies to realize their sustainability ambitions by leveraging the power of the Digital Enterprise. 

After applying her academic background in Sustainable Engineering to R&D in the automotive and energy grid industry she pivoted to focus on using digital solutions to solve the challenges and realizing the potential of sustainability in all industries.

At Siemens, Pina currently sets the trend on how industrial companies are enabled to accelerate their sustainability transformation by using Digital Twin technology in design, manufacturing, supply chain and operations. As an intrapreneur she creates and pursues new business ideas to tackle the evolving challenges and opportunities sustainability offers.

On the side, she lectures on Sustainability and Circular Economy at the Berlin School of Technology and advises Startups in the ClimateTech space.

The Talk

Leading change: realizing sustainability ambitions faster, empowered by Digital Twins

Companies around the globe are setting themselves ambitious net-zero targets. Ambitious in scale but, crucially, in their timeline as well.

The new ambitions are shifting the paradigm of what to optimize for. The traditional triangle of time, cost and quality has shifted to a pentagon adding sustainability and regulatory compliance to the optimization criteria. All five criteria can be interdependent, sometimes competing and ideally multiplying each other in their impact while changing every day. Mastering this fast moving realm of optimization to maximize business impact for sustainability is the key to leading this change from the front.

Learn how to shape and drive success in sustainability by leveraging the business potential in the pentagon of opportunities using digital twin technology.

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