Founder Maven Publishing

About Sander

Sander Ruys is the founder and publisher of Maven, an innovative and independent Dutch Publishing house with numerous big brands such as DRIVE, Mindgym and MINDF*CK. Maven specializes in making scientific knowledge on human behavior accessible and practical for a broad audience. Sander is also a board member of Renew the Book, an annual startup competition organized by the Dutch Association of Book Publishers.

The Talk

AI-books: a new format for books

Sander will be talking about AI in the book industry. Maven Publishing recently partnered up with Typetone to launch a new format for books. In addition to paper, e-books, and audiobooks, publishers can now also choose to publish their existing content as an AI-book. An AI-book comprises of the entire text of a book written by the author, enhanced with artificial intelligence to make it interactive. Unlike traditional printed books and e-books, AI-books aren’t read from cover to cover; instead, you engage in a conversation with them. 

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