Hoofd Datalab Ministerie van Defensie

About Sofie

With a background in Public Administration, Sofie Berns has in-depth knowledge of government organizations. Before she started at the Ministry of Defense as Head of Data Lab, Sofie worked as a Senior Consultant at Berenschot. In that role she advised national and local governments on the use of new technologies for social issues. She further expanded her expertise at the Municipality of Utrecht, where she led projects in the field of data infrastructure, among other things. At the Ministry she continues her dedication to innovation and data at government agencies as Head of Data Lab.

The Talk

How does the Ministry of Defense achieve impact through innovation?

What challenges are there surrounding innovation and how is the Ministry of Defense working on this?

In this session, Sofie Berns will show how the Ministry of Defense collaborates with partners in the field of data science and AI.

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