Innovation Leader Volvo Cars

About Timmy

Timmy Ghiurau leads Volvo Cars innovative tech and initiatives surrounding virtual and augmented reality, working with virtual simulators and eye-tracking to create the future of self-driving cars and user experience research.

After giving the rock star career a stab in his teens, Timmy’s math skills, programming knowledge, and interest in game engines sent him to be a software developer. With a focus on eye-tracking and VR, this path led him to work closely with the founders of game engine Unity, Danish eye-tracking startup The Eye Tribe (later acquired by Facebook’s VR division Oculus) – and patents in XR and eye-tracking.

At Volvo, Timmy currently sets the trend on how car companies use game engines and AR/VR technologies in their development. He also helps Volvo Cars Tech Fund with finding new opportunities in tech startups.

On the side, he invests and advises fashion and tech startups all around Europe.

The Talk

Road to Mixed Reality: automotive’s new frontier

The automotive industry is one of the first to fully embrace mixed reality, and is already changing the way cars are engineered, designed, repaired, sold and driven. However, we are only scratching the surface of unlocking the full potential of the XR technology within the automotive ecosystem. As technologies like hardware, infrastructure and visualization further develop, the industry will see a democratization of benefits affecting everything from sustainability to safety.

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