Global Head of Brand Engagement Magnum Icecream Unilever

About Tugce

Tugce is a passionate crafter with 13 years of experience in marketing, across multiple roles from Global Brand Development, Local Brand Building and Customer Marketing. During her career Tugce had the privilege to work on all angles of marketing from envisioning long term strategic roadmaps to crafting powerful brands and impactful innovations. Most importantly, landing perfect executions. In her current role, Tugce is responsible for brand purpose and activations. She has crafted Magnum’s brand engagement model that is deployed across more than fifty countries. Next to that she is leading all global partnerships, including the launch of Kylie Minogue x Peggy Gou Magnum Remix (2022), award winning Magnum x Miley Cyrus- Pleasure Has More Than One Layer launch (2021), Magnum x Iris Apfel Campaign (2019), Magnum x Halsey- True To Pleasure (2020).

The Talk

Magnum’s evolution in marketing and brand engagement

In this session Tugce Aksoy will dive into Magnum’s remarkable evolution in marketing and brand engagement. Curious to learn how Magnum captivates audiences worldwide? Tugce will provide an insider’s look at the innovative strategies behind Magnum’s award-winning campaigns.

During this session, Tugce will share the secrets to Magnum’s global success, exploring the brand’s journey from traditional marketing to cutting-edge engagement techniques. She will highlight key campaigns that have resonated with diverse audiences, showcasing how Magnum leverages creativity, storytelling, and digital platforms to build a powerful and enduring brand presence.

Attendees will gain valuable insights into the core principles of Magnum’s marketing approach, including how they maintain brand consistency while adapting to different cultural contexts.┬áThis session is perfect for marketers, brand managers, and anyone interested in the dynamics of successful brand engagement.

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