GenAI meets affective computing. Our new relationships

By: Sophie Kleber (Google)


English session

In this session, Sophie Kleber will address a critical question: How can we design virtual personalities that respect human uniqueness rather than becoming digital sycophants that exploit our vulnerabilities?

Sophie will discuss the concept of computers as social actors and delve into our own human weaknesses when interacting with humanoid technologies. She will highlight the ethical challenges and responsibilities that come with creating emotionally intelligent AI, emphasizing the importance of designing with empathy and respect for human diversity.

She will also define a framework for ethical design practices in conversational interfaces that align with and authentically represent your brand. Attendees will gain valuable insights into creating AI that enhances human interaction without compromising integrity or exploiting flaws.

This session is ideal for designers, developers, and anyone involved in AI and human-computer interaction. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from Sophie Kleber, a leading voice in ethical AI design, and to discover how to build virtual personalities that truly respect and reflect the people who interact with them.

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