Innovation and insights: creating a seamless traveller experience

By: Jochen Koedijk (Expedia Group)
English session

Join this insightful session with Jochen Koedijk, Chief Marketing Officer at Expedia Group, as he explores the intricacies of winning customer loyalty in a multi-brand, multi-platform environment. Expedia Group faced the challenge of siloed brands competing for market share, and the solution was simplification and unification.

Jochen will provide a behind-the-scenes look at Expedia Group’s remarkable transformation. By gaining a deep understanding of traveler behaviors, the company has successfully shifted from managing a portfolio of individual brands to creating a cohesive family of brands. This strategic move has been supported by a comprehensive tech transformation, positioning Expedia Group to leverage sophisticated marketing techniques.

During this session, Jochen will share insights into how Expedia Group engages with customers in meaningful ways, highlighting the importance of innovation to stay ahead of ever-evolving consumer behaviors and trends. He will discuss the strategies used to showcase the benefits of choosing Expedia’s brands and how these efforts are driving customer loyalty and satisfaction.

This session is perfect for marketers, brand managers, and business leaders looking to understand the complexities of brand unification and customer engagement.

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