The future of news: the first fully AI-generated newspaper

By: Merien ten Houten (media 52)
Dutch session

In this session Merien Ten Houten will introduce his latest project, De Geïllustreerde Kunstmatige Intelligentie (DGKI) – the first fully AI-generated newspaper. This innovative initiative features news stories and articles created entirely by artificial intelligence, without any human editing.

During this session, Merien will explain how the AI behind DGKI works, the challenges encountered in maintaining accuracy, and the ethical questions raised by an AI-driven news platform. He will also discuss the future implications of AI in journalism, exploring how it might change the way news is produced and consumed.

Participants will learn about the potential advantages of AI-generated news, such as the creation of unbiased and diverse content, as well as the potential downsides, like the lack of human oversight. This presentation is ideal for anyone interested in the role of technology in media and offers a unique look at the future of news. Don’t miss this chance to hear from a leader in the field of AI and journalism.

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